Calvary Kids Info

Hi families!

Summer is here, and we are excited about some unique opportunities we have to connect with your children!

Starting Sunday, July 4th, we will be hosting “Calvary Kids in a Tent” during our Sunday Morning Services. You can complete your child’s consent form here.

Starting this Sunday, we’ll be learning the Lord’s Prayer together:

Camp Calvary Kids

Registration for Week 2 starts on Friday, July 23. This camp is for ages 4-6, and is happening from August 2-6.

Check out our Calvary Kids Camp Online Classroom HERE!

Helpful Links for Parents

Looking to continue the conversation about creation with your kids? God’s purpose? Not sure how to talk about it? Or why you should? Here are some ideas:

Please note, just because we share a link doesn’t mean we have looked at all the content on the site! We’re just recommending that specific article or resource. Use your own discretion!

If you need anything during this season, please get in touch with Pastor Julia! I’d love to talk with you & pray for your family! Make sure you’re part of our Calvary Kids: Parents & Guardians group on Facebook!